Ways to Win Your Battle Against Mould

Seeing patches of mould creep along the surfaces of your home is a worrying experience. The presence of mould suggests that a deeper problem is lurking elsewhere. Additionally, you may have concerns about how mould affects your health. Winning the battle against mould can be easy, though. Here's how to tackle it. Discover the Source   Although there are plenty of mould removal treatments available, the problem will return unless you tackle the source. Read More 

Critical Factors That Influence the Cost of Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a carcinogen found in older homes built before the implementation of regulations to limit its usage. Upon identification of asbestos in a building, facility managers must prioritise removal. Thus, you should only contact licenced asbestos abatement companies for such projects, meaning you have to spend some money. Notably, asbestos removal costs are subjective, depending on various factors. Site Size One of the biggest contributors to asbestos removal costs is the size of the area in question. Read More